Foundation is designed to be a sustainable solution for trading at scale, allowing liquidity providers to precisely manage risks and accurately reflect market demand and supply.

Foundation adopts an order book model to create a lightning-fast trading engine on par with the best CEXes. This engine is capable of handling thousands of trades per second and effortlessly managing billions in daily trading volume.

While setting our performance bar at par with industry leaders, we are unwavering in our commitment to the ethos of a permissionless platform, prioritizing transparency.

Key features:

  • Unified Liquidity Marketplace: A high-powered order book trading engine enabling seamless trading of assets across various blockchains, guaranteeing deep liquidity and minimal slippage.

  • Maximum Transparency: Exchange Explorer allows anyone to monitor all trades, matching orders, trading accounts, and reserves in real time.

  • Permissionless Nature: Empowering projects to use Foundation for their tokens without constraints, nurturing a truly open and dynamic market environment.

  • Composability: Through robust APIs, developers can create unique protocols for market-making and complex trading strategies in a trustless environment, enriching our trading ecosystem.

  • Multiple Asset Classes: Offering a vast array of trading markets, from cryptocurrencies to commodities and forex, using our perpetual synthetic trading engine.

These features combine seamlessly with Foundations trading engine, offering a CEX-like trading experience with all the benefits that come with operating in a permissionless fashion.

Furthermore, the open and composable nature of Foundation makes it future-proof regarding developments and updates.

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