Our roadmap for "Foundation" is spread across four phases:

1. “Ignition” - Q4 2023 (Accomplished):

We developed our prototype in September 2023 and went through several cycles to refine the product. Our alpha testnet version, launched in December 2023, was introduced to the community for a month-long trial.

2. “Orbit Preparation”- Q1 2024 (Now):

Coinciding with the publication of this article, we are excited to announce the release of our beta testnet version, which is accessible at

This phase emphasizes the integration of key functionalities such as:

  • Perpetual trading

  • Spot trading

  • Exchange Explorer

Simultaneously, we are rigorously testing our infrastructure and performance capabilities. Alongside these developments, we're introducing an Engagement Points System within our staking program, designed to incentivize participation from Validators, Insurance Fund Contributors, and Clearing Members.

3. “Liftoff” - Q2 2024:

During this phase, we'll rolling out our mainnet version, introducing all our full trading functionalities for a superior trading experience. This phase also marks a leap towards openness, with permissionless token listings and open API access for developers. Coupled with a specific incentive campaign, this phase will be instrumental in attracting a diverse community of traders and builders, amplifying our ecosystem's growth and innovation.

4. “Deep Space Journey” - 2025:

During our 'Deep Space Journey' our focus will be on evolving our protocol into an independent and sovereign blockchain. This crucial development will mark our commitment to trustlessness and decentralization, ensuring the longevity and independence of our platform longevity and independence beyond its team and founders.

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