Spot Markets

Spot markets at Foundation offer a platform for immediate buying and selling of crypto assets, ensuring swift transaction completion and delivery. These markets are operational 24/7, allowing for the flexibility of trading at any time. In these markets, all spot assets are denominated in USDC, providing a stable and uniform valuation standard. Crucially, engaging in spot market transactions on Foundation ensures you maintain on-chain custody of your assets.

Foundation embraces a broad spectrum of assets, catering to both EVM-compatible and non-EVM blockchains. Initially, the listing of spot assets on Foundation is determined through proposals vetted and approved by Foundation Governance. Looking ahead, we aim to transition to a permission-less listing process. This evolution will empower any project to independently list their tokens on our platform, eliminating the need for centralized authorization. Despite this shift towards greater autonomy, Foundation Governance will retain the authority to delist tokens or adjust their tier status as necessary, ensuring the integrity and quality of the assets on our platform.