Foundation Points Program


Foundation Points (FP) are designed as a reward mechanism for various activities undertaken on the Foundation ecosystem. The primary goals are to foster community growth and increase user engagement. This system serves as an effective method to energize and propel the project forward in its early stages, paving the way for the introduction of a new token.


To access the Foundation Points rewards, users need an invite code. You can get this from your referrers or by completing our quest.

Once you enter the invite code and sign in with your wallet, you will receive your own referral code to share with friends. When they join using your code, your friends will earn an additional 10% bonus in points, and you'll receive the same bonus points too.


The Foundation Points Program will be conducted in four stages, covering various activities including trading, staking, bug bounties, forming partnerships, and engaging in social activities. The Foundation maintains the right to adjust the allocation of points, for both ongoing and past activities, as needed. This ensures the reward system remains dynamic and can adapt to the evolving needs of the platform and its community.

We'll carefully examine all activities that accumulate points to ensure there's no unfair spamming.

Stage 1 - Bootstrapping

This stage will go live on April 22nd, 2024, and will conclude with the launch of the Foundation platform. The activities included in this stage are:


Participate on Foundation Testnet


  • 5 FP for every trade executed

  • Maximum of 1,000 FP can be earned per wallet per day.

  • Maximum of 10,000 FP can be earned per hour.

Trading on Level Finance


100 FP for every $1 in fees paid

Staking LVL


Staking 1 LVL earns 0.01 FP per hour

Staking Level's LLP


Staking 1 LLP earns 0.03 FP per hour

Staking major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, AVAX, SOL, USDC, etc)

Coming soon

To be updated

Participating on Social Campaigns


More info on Zealy


Coming soon

To be updated

Stage 2 - Rollout

We will move to Stage 2 when the Foundation platform goes live. In this stage, our point allocation will primarily focus on two objectives:

  1. Encouraging trading activities within the Foundation ecosystem.

  2. Motivating developers to integrate with our ecosystem.

Stage 3 - Token Release

The introduction of the Foundation Token will mark the conclusion of the first season of the Foundation Point Program. Users will receive an airdrop of $FOND tokens based on the number of points they have accumulated.

Stage 4 - Acceleration

Rolling out next seasons of points and airdrops, each featuring a variety of options and different airdrop allocations, designed to align with the evolving needs of the platform

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